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Hey y'all!  I'm here today to share with you a super simple daily activity that I use to help my students practice telling time.  I love having my students practice telling time consistently to build fluency.  It does take practice and also a little motivation.  Here is what I use to help my students practice telling time...

Each day, I have a time written on the board in both analog and digital forms.  I make sure that I pick a time that we are in the classroom.  The first student to "politely" tell me that it's the magic time, gets a small reward.  We have stamps in our school, so that is what I use with my students.  Sometimes, the students miss the magic time and that is ok.  I just keep the same magic time on the board, until someone correctly identifies the magic time.  The kids LOVE it and I love that they are getting authentic practice telling time.

What to try out magic time in your classroom?  You can grab this free printable here.

Today I wanted to share a few of my go-to simple math stations for my second graders.  They can be easily differentiated for your students and the best part is that they are low prep.  That's right!  I said, "low-prep" isn't that the best word for all of us tired teachers!

#1 - Velcro Number Line
I don't know what it is about number lines, but my students always seem to struggle with ordering numbers on an open number line.  I wanted to create an easy to use, giant, number line for my students to work with.  One day when I picked up my kiddos from music class, I noticed that the music teacher had a giant music staff on her carpet.  I totally had to ask how she did it!  To my surprise, she had just used two strips of sticky back velcro and stuck both of the strips together.

Then, she velcroed the clingy part to the carpet.  It sticks to the carpet perfectly y'all ... and it's easily moved to another spot in the room!  No sticky residue left behind either!  Genius!!

Then, I wrote numbers on index cards and placed a small strip of velcro to the back of each card.  The kids take the cards and order them as part of a station.  I also have cards with question marks to have them identify the missing numbers on an open number line.  To differentiate, I have a variety of numbers for the students to choose from.  They can work with 1-digit, 2-digit, or 3-digit numbers.

#2 - UNO Cards for Greater Than and Less Than

I love using sentence strip stations because they are easily differentiated.  My students can choose to also use 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by building them with the Uno Cards.  They play with a partner and one partner draws the first card and then the second partner draws the second card.  They record their work in their math workstation journal and I do random quick checks through the week, to make sure they are completing their work.  I also have sentence strips with just the > and < symbols.

#3 - Roll and Show Place Value Game

Roll and Show is another math partner game that can be easily differentiated.  I also have another dice in the station, so that the kids can build 3-digit numbers.  The kids roll the dice and then build the number using the base ten blocks.  They record the number in their journal in standard form, word form, and expanded form.  Super simple but great practice for a hard math concept.

I hope you enjoyed these 3 super simple easy prep math stations!  I would love to hear how they work in your class.

Happy Holidays friends!  We have just two and a half more days of school here in Texas and I know we are all ready for a little break.  This week we are super busy with our reading in our pajamas day, Christmas sing along, class party, and tons of other things planned out.  It is going to be a fun but busy last few days!

Today, I'm excited to share some goodies that I received from my Secret Santa.  This year my Secret Santa was my sweet H-town friend Katie from Mrs. Decatur's Little Gators.

She was super sweet and even sent something for my boys!  The package arrived the day after my birthday, so Mason thought it was for my birthday.  He was over the moon happy when the first thing I pulled out of the box was for him and Maddox.  

The boys have their own Elf on the Shelf, so Maddox wanted to color his elf to look just like his elf named Lou.  He even picked out the right color!

Katie's gift to me was this beautiful cheese platter and some yummy gum.  I'm super excited to serve some tasty treats on my new Christmas platter.  I love Christmas serving ware!

Now, here are some goodies from me to you!  This week, we are reviewing subtraction with regrouping and the kids and I are "scooting" around the room with Santa to help us review.  It's so much fun that I wanted to give away one copy tonight!  That way you'll have time to print it out and use it with your kiddos before this week is over.  It's an easy entry, you just have to click to enter!

And one more little goodie from me to you...you can grab an easy printing version of the Santa Scoot HERE.  Merry Christmas friends!!

Have you heard the great news yet?  TpT is having a SITEWIDE SALE on Monday and Tuesday.  It sure is making me smile!  Everything in my store will be 28% off....and yes EVEN my bundles will be on sale.  It's time to stock up and SAVE!

Hey y'all!  I'm super excited to be joining Jen from Teaching in the Tongass for her wishlist linky.  I started my TpT store almost three years ago and it's been so wonderful to see my little store grow.  It was so much fun to see which of my products were the most wishlisted.  Here they are....

I created this set of flap journals as a need arose in my classroom for my second graders to respond more to texts.  I thought it would be fun to have a little journal for the books that they were reading.  Since then, I have created more sets to fit in with author studies but the fiction one is still my favorite set because you can use it with any book.

 Click on the photo to see these Flap Journals in my store.

I loved loved loved creating this set of Arctic Animals informational texts.  It was so much fun to research each animal and I'm working on adding a few new animals.  I haven't introduced them to my second graders this year just yet, but my second graders last year loved them.

Click on the photo to see these informational texts in my store.

This was one of the first products that I created and put in my store.  I love being organized and transportation was where I needed help organizing.  Plus, chevron and chalkboard is still my fav!

Click on the photo to see these in my store.

Thanks for stopping by to read about my most wishlisted items in my TpT store.  What is on your wishlist?

Hi friends!  I'm so sorry that I'm so late to the blog hop party.  My computer decided to stop working on Thursday night, right in the middle of me working on my blog post.  My husband had to completely reimage my computer and it's taken me awhile to get everything together and back in working order.  The good news is that my files were backed up and I only lost a few things.  Anyways, thanks for being patient and understanding about the tardiness of my post.  I hope my post is worth the wait!

October is one of my favorite months!  My favorite shows are just starting, pumpkin everything is back, and the weather is just starting to cool off here in Texas....well at least the mornings are cooler!  

This month, I'm also sharing some tricks and treats with you guys for The Elementary Entourage's Tricks and Treats blog hop.

I also love the month of October because the students have learned the routines and I can focus more on small group instruction.  This year, I'm really working on Math Workshop in my classroom.  I want to make sure that I have math stations that help my students practice concepts that I've already taught. 

I love printable stations but there is just something about simple easy to prep stations.  I love using sentence strip stations because they are easily differentiated.  My students can choose to also use 2-digit and 3-digit numbers by building them with the Uno Cards.  They play with a partner and one partner draws the first card and then the second partner draws the second card.  They record their work in their math workstation journal and I do random quick checks through the week, to make sure they are completing their work.

Now, for a little treat from me!  I absolutely hate spiders but the boys in my class are crazy about them.  We have been working on locating facts in nonfiction texts and these were perfect for them.

Here is the tarantula informational text as a little treat for you guys!  I hope to have all of the spiders available very soon!

Click HERE to grab your treat.

Do you have some tricks and treats to share?  Make sure you link up with us...

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Hey friends!  Today I'm really excited to be joining Katie from Pop Into Primary for her Take a Second to Peek into 2nd blog series.  Each week there will be a new featured blogger that you won't want to miss.  Each blogger will be sharing a little about themselves and will also be putting one of their products on sale for two days.

I'm super excited because the first featured blogger is .... me!

Image Map

I've also picked one of my favorite products and it will be on sale August 25th and 26th only.  My reading response flap journals are so much fun and a great way to have your students respond to the books that they are reading independently.  It's one of my students' favorite reading activities.

They are also differentiated because your students can use whatever book they are reading at the time.  They also include two different styles of writing lines.  You can click on the cover image to check them out in my store.

Thanks so much for reading all about me!

Happy fall y'all!  It's still pretty hot here in Texas but I'm so looking forward to some fall weather.  To celebrate the first official day of fall, I'm joining Stephanie from Mrs. D's Corner for a primary blog hop.  Make sure you hop through all the blogs because you can grab some pretty awesome fall freebies.

Make sure you click on the button below to head to the next stop in the hop.  Kelsey from Aloha to Second has a pretty awesome freebie in store for you.

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