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I'm super duper excited to be a part of The Primary Gal's Summer Stock Up event.  I know that you'll see a ton of great resources that you can stock up on and grab some fabulous freebies as well.

I have two pretty awesome resources of mine that I'm pretty excited to tell you about today.  Keep reading, because at the end of the post I share how you can grab a sample of each of my resources.

I constantly struggle with getting my kids to write about what they are reading!  Do you?  It's a mess! kids love flap journals and I created some reading response flap journals to help them respond before, after, and during reading.

My kids love these flap journals because they cover a variety of responses and they can be used with any fiction book.  I'm working on a nonfiction set ... coming soon!  There are also two different sets of lines to differentiate with your students.

My four year old even used them!  I was the scribe and we talked about Pete.  What words describe Pete?  He said that Pete was funny and also a little scared because he didn't want to get in the water.

Another favorite part of the flap journals is the comparing characters sections.  We struggle with this skill and the flap journals are a perfect way to practice.  The different types of lines included make it super easy to differentiate for your students.

These flap journals are on sale in my store for 50% off till Monday.
See it in my store by clicking on the cover below.

This year, I'm really loving the simple and clean look for classroom decor.  I wanted to create a word wall set that had pops of bright colors but at the same time was pretty simple.  I really like how the letters stand out on the background.  These word wall headers are 3.5 inches but I also included a set that is 4.5 inches.  A big plus is that they don't use up a lot of ink because there is only a little pop of color.

The word wall cards also have a little pop of color to make sure that the words really stand out on their own.  The turquoise color is my favorite!!

Here is the complete word wall set with the smaller headers.  I love that it's simple with solid colors that really stand out.  I hung this word wall up at home!  Oh, the joys of being a teacher on summer break!  I'm thinking that I'll leave it up just for a bit and practice some words with my four year old.  I know he would love to hang up words that he already knows like cereal box tops and food labels.  When I hang this up in my classroom, I'll leave more spaces between the headers so I can hang up more words.

This word wall set is on sale in my store for 50% off till Monday.
See it in my store by clicking on the covers below.

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