Shark Week Sale {Jaw-Dropping Discounts}

Are you ready to take a BITE out of some jaw-dropping discounts?  My whole store will be 20% off for the next 3 days and I have some JAWsome products that you can grab at some pretty awesome discounts.

Here are some JAWsome products that will be great for back to school...

My fiction reading response flap journals would be great to have your students work on responding to fiction texts.  I loved having them in a workstation when the kids were working on read to self.  There are so many skills that they can work on.
  • character traits
  • predicting
  • story elements (characters, setting, problem, solution)
  • beginning, middle, end
  • inferring
  • text-to-self
  • text-to-text

Click on the picture to see it in my store.  
Remember it's 20% off through the 7th.

Do you need a way to organize how your students go home each day?  My transportation ribbon display chart is the perfect way to organize this.  You can click on the product cover to see it in my store.

Lastly, these back to school reading passages and little books would be perfect for August and September.  They will help your students work on answering open-ended questions through writing.  They also work on main idea and summary writing.  You can click on the product cover to see it in my store.

What JAWsome products are in your basket?

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